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About Us

Creator of the TACTICAL Program, Justin Lam had the entrepreneurial spirit inside him at an early age.  He discovered in his late teens that there was a world where the fruits of his labour could have a direct link to his earning power and not be capped by an employer.

Always believing in doing great work, Justin quickly realized the invisible financial ceiling that the corporate ladder would have on his life.

His thirst of knowledge, willingness to take action and humility to learn from his mistakes made Justin a great technician of anything he put his mind to.

So when he found himself locked out of the active rehab therapy clinic he worked at one day, he began his career as an entrepreneur.

The journey was difficult in the early years.  Learning the roles of systems and the power of leverage set him on track to disconnect the need to trade time for money.

Since then, Justin has owned more than 7 businesses, including a six-figure nationally-awarded production studio, a boutique wedding photography studio, and an active rehab studio.

Today, Justin combines his 20-years of real-life, battle-tested knowledge with his love of systems, psychology, marketing, and business into the TACTICAL Program, and supports business owners to better impact the communities they serve.

If you’re a business owner who has been experiencing some unexpected twists and turns, the TACTICAL coaching program is designed to support you through the detours and get you back on track to your destination.

Ready to enjoy the ride?


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Thomas Chan

Financial Advisor

Justin has helped me create a roadmap... how to actually run a business, before I was just a technician.

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Joel Mark Harris


Three Sixty Media is so much more than simply a digital media company. They helped me to see clearly how I could position my company and attract the right type of clients and employees. Before engaging them, I didn’t really think about core values and how they guided every decision I made. I thought core values were just meaningless, empty words on a piece of paper.

I highly recommend every single business owner, both big and small, go through the unique Three Sixty Media process. It’s worth its weight in gold as it will set you up not only to become a better business owner but a more happy, fulfilled person.

Darren Milne

Financial Advisor/Owner

In early 2020 we decided to incorporate and launch a new brand, Westerly Wealth & Insurance Advisors. At the time, I was a sole proprietor, operating under both my name and a dealership brand. I wanted to create both a separation, but an extension of my identity, reflected in a new brand. I knew that I wanted but didn’t know how to get there. Justin really pushed hard and peeled the onion back on what both I represented and what I wanted the brand to portray. Justin, the Tactical Program and Three Sixty Media are great partners to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them!

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Tiffany Elsener

Corporate Trainer

It's easy to get shiny object syndrome.  Justin and Three Sixty Media helped me get clarity and put the blinders on so I could focus on what was most important instead of being distracted.  I feel empowered and confident in where my business is heading now.