Implement people, processes, and technology into your business.

Free up time with seamless automation to focus on the parts of your business that matter.

Work ON your business – not in it.

Many business owners struggle to know when to stop working in their business, and start working on it. With innovative automation and technology, you’ll be able to get your life back so you can level up your business and your quality of life.

Our Automate Module systematically helps you create more time for yourself, while still ensuring your customer journey is met with full satisfaction.

Tactical - Notebook Brainstorming

Efficient Processes

Struggling to find the time to accomplish tasks, or wasting time on “busy work”? Learn how to use people and technology to create efficient automation processes.

Tactical Program - Shake Hands

Customer Retention

Increase your customer retention rate and continue surprising and delighting your customers, while learning how to take your business to the next level.


Leadership Skills

Learn how to be a more effective leader and ensure you are maximizing your time so your organization can continue to thrive with you at the helm.

How It Works

The Automate Module provides a foundation for the final Scale module of the TACTICAL Program. It is currently offered as a one-on-one coaching service.

Once per week, you will meet with your coach to go through the program.

1. Identify Opportunities

What are your “choke points”? We’ll help you understand what areas of your business are under stress, and show you how to identify opportunities and options for implementing automation.

2. Implement Automation

Does your business need a new software or team member? Learn how to determine how, what, and where to implement people or technology to ensure you’re still serving your customers to satisfaction.

3. Level Up Your Leadership

An effective team needs leadership. Learn the critical components of an effective leader and ensure you are maximizing your time instead of doing “busy work”. Learn how to free up your time so you can be better owners.


Joel Mark Harris Profile Picture

Joel Mark Harris


Three Sixty Media is so much more than simply a digital media company. They helped me to see clearly how I could position my company and attract the right type of clients and employees. Before engaging them, I didn’t really think about core values and how they guided every decision I made. I thought core values were just meaningless, empty words on a piece of paper. I highly recommend every single business owner, both big and small, go through the unique Three Sixty Media process. It’s worth its weight in gold as it will set you up not only to become a better business owner but a more happy, fulfilled person.

Thomas Chan Profile Picture

Thomas Chan

Financial Advisor

Justin has helped me create a roadmap... how to actually run a business, before I was just a technician.

Darren Milne

Financial Advisor/Owner

In early 2020 we decided to incorporate and launch a new brand, Westerly Wealth & Insurance Advisors. At the time, I was a sole proprietor, operating under both my name and a dealership brand. I wanted to create both a separation, but an extension of my identity, reflected in a new brand. I knew that I wanted but didn’t know how to get there. Justin really pushed hard and peeled the onion back on what both I represented and what I wanted the brand to portray. Justin, the Tactical Program and Three Sixty Media are great partners to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them!

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Tiffany Elsener

Corporate Trainer

It's easy to get shiny object syndrome.  Justin and Three Sixty Media helped me get clarity and put the blinders on so I could focus on what was most important instead of being distracted.  I feel empowered and confident in where my business is heading now.

Ready to free up time so you can start working on your business?