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Another uninspiring customer has entered your business.  As you look around you everything isn't as great as you want.

  • You want to be excited to work with your clients and not feel like a chore.
  • You want to have team members that push each other to success and new levels.
  • You want lower turnover and better marketing.

You deserve to do your best work for the best clients. You should be working with people that are champions for you and want to help make your mission possible.




When your actions and your words don't match, people get confused.  That erodes trust and customers leave.

When you stray away from your authentic self you confuse your buyers and set yourself up to lose them.

Employee Turnover


When you are not clear about your team is headed and how to get there they get confused.

When they are confused they make more mistakes, lower morale and leave your business uninspired.


Poor Marketing


Being confused and unfocused leads to poor marketing.

When you are not able to properly market your service, you lose potential customers or attract the wrong customers.


Busy Store


When you have a clear understanding of you and your business, you will better understand your customers.

You will be able to delight more customers and turn them into raving fans.  Raving fans do not leave, they promote your business and share with everyone.

Team Banding Together


When your team knows where to go and sees that the values of your business align with the actions they get inspired.

Inspired team members work harder, help grow your business and look to achieve the mission ahead.

When a person is inspired, they stay longer in your business and boost productivity.

Better Marketing Pieces


When you are clear about your brand and business, you will be able to market to your customers with ease.

Clarity in your brand and business allows you to make better decisions, ask better questions and get better answers.

When you are clear about your brand and messaging, you spend less money on marketing and keep more money in your pocket.

We lived the journey.

We know the frustration.

We want to support you.

  • Owned more than 6 businesses in 4 industries.
  • Worked with hundreds of businesses in various sectors.
  • Over 20 years invested in research, programs, courses and self development
  • Understands and operates both the business and the marketing.
  • Real life battle tested information over 20 years in business.
  • Built a six figure nationally awarded production studio.
  • Built six figure nationally awarded wedding photography studio
  • Built a six figure active rehab studio


Do you struggle with attracting great customers and team members?

It is frustrating when you have clients that don't value you or your service.  They eat up your time and resources and you don't feel happy or fulfilled when working with them.

When your customers are not great, chances are this trickles down to your team members.  They feel uninspired to do their best work and are not actively engaged in your business.

You deserve to have a great brand. A brand is more than just the marketing, logo or colors.  A brand is a feeling that you impart on the people that connect with you.  Your audience connects deeper, they become better advocates of your business and you will be inspired to work.

We help business owners struggling with developing a business that attracts great customers and team members.

Our Clarity Module systematically identifies your business values and guides you to be clear on how you project your brand in an aligned and authentic way.

When you have clarity about your authentic self and how it translates into your business, you will attract the people that become raving fans of your business.

Raving fans spread the news about your business and help you attract better customers.  When you are clear about your brand, you will make better decisions about marketing.

Better decisions on marketing will lower your cost of acquisition and help you focus your efforts to better attract your tribe of raving fans.

When you complete the Clarity Module of the TACTICAL Program, you will be armed with valuable foundational pieces to Build, Automate and Scale your business with fulfillment.


One on One Coaching

Our Clarity Module is currently offered as a one-on-one coaching service.

You will meet with your coach once a week to go through the program.

The program will systematically coach you to discover, identify and structure around:

  • Core Values
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Unconscious Habits
  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Mission

When you complete the Clarity Module, you will have a clear foundation to build your business to attract the right people into it.

Thomas Chan Profile Picture

Thomas Chan

Financial Advisor

Justin has helped me create a roadmap... how to actually run a business, before I was just a technician.

Joel Mark Harris Profile Picture

Joel Mark Harris


Three Sixty Media is so much more than simply a digital media company. They helped me to see clearly how I could position my company and attract the right type of clients and employees.

Before engaging them, I didn’t really think about core values and how they guided every decision I made. I thought core values were just meaningless, empty words on a piece of paper.

I highly recommend every single business owner, both big and small, go through the unique Three Sixty Media process. It’s worth its weight in gold as it will set you up not only to become a better business owner but a more happy, fulfilled person.

Darren Milne

Financial Advisor/Owner

In early 2020 we decided to incorporate and launch a new brand, Westerly Wealth & Insurance Advisors. At the time, I was a sole proprietor, operating under both my name and a dealership brand. I wanted to create both a separation, but an extension of my identity, reflected in a new brand. I knew that I wanted but didn’t know how to get there.

Justin really pushed hard and peeled the onion back on what both I represented and what I wanted the brand to portray.

Justin, the Tactical Program and Three Sixty Media are great partners to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them!

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Tiffany Elsener

Corporate Trainer

It's easy to get shiny object syndrome.  Justin and Three Sixty Media helped me get clarity and put the blinders on so I could focus on what was most important instead of being distracted.  I feel empowered and confident in where my business is heading now.

Be A Tactical Titan

At Three Sixty Media we know you are the kind of people who want to be a Tactical Titan. In order to be that way you need to have clarity and confidence in your decision making. The problem is you can't articulate what you want or how you are different. This leaves you, your team and your customers feeling confused, anxious and overwhelmed.

When your tribe is confused, automating and scaling can be difficult.  Your team can't execute because they need you to hand hold them instead of thinking on their own.

You spend your time hunting for clients and working with them because you don't know how to generate the leads and prospects.  You have trouble onboarding them and keeping them.  They feel unappreciated and they have a satisfactory experience.  Satisfied customers leave.  Raving fans never leave.

How many raving fans do you have in your business right now?

How many fans do you have that share your work and truly feel connected to your business?  Do you feel connected or are you just on the hunt for your next client?

The constant nagging feeling of having to hunt for your next client is exhausting.

You are overwhelmed because you don't have enough time in the day. You feel guilty not working on your business to spend time with your family and friends.  When you are with your family and friends, you are distracted because of work.  The cycle never seems to end.  You are not fulfilled at work or on a personal level.  Everybody is losing.

You want freedom.  Freedom to think, freedom to enjoy life, freedom to just take a moment to yourself.

But you constantly feel like you don't have freedom do you?

We believe that nobody should have to feel lost and uninspired about their business. We understand the frustration that happens when you have a million options, but you run into brick walls because you can't clearly communicate what you want to others.  We know what it is like to work 80 hours a week and feel like you are on a hamster wheel and not progressing. We know what it's like to be caught in the hunting mentality and then neglecting everything else only to come back to a huge pile of things to do because you were too busy hunting.

We know the pain of being so tied up with work that you can't enjoy family time.  We also know what it feels like to see your family feel neglected and unhappy.

That's why we created the TACTICAL (Totally Accountable Coaching That Impacts Choices And Lives) coaching system that starts at the very beginning and builds up in layers in a systematic way.  This process has been developed over the course of 20 years in business and has been systematically implemented in a variety of businesses and industries.

It is designed to build layer upon layer in your business starting with you, the owner.  We help you find clarity for yourself, understand your own secret sauce and help you build the cornerstone of your business.  We help you create automations to reduce the time you spend in your business.  We teach you how to create systems that handle scale and build.  We teach you how to celebrate and nurture your clients so that you don't have to waste time marketing.  We share how to decide when to approach business and marketing specialists to grow faster and farther.

We share how to work more efficiently and enjoy more of your life because you created the freedom for your business.

Here's how it works:

  1. We assess where you are today. Having a clear starting point helps you understand possible obstacles so you can feel confident in overcoming them. You can't improve what you can't measure.
  2. We help you distill your core purpose and essence into a specific, measurable system that will help guide you throughout your journey.
  3. We teach you practical strategies, skills and tactics that help you build a system that attracts your tribe of raving fans.  We share with you how to automate and scale the system.

Register for one of our programs now so you can stop feeling lost and helpless. Become a Tactical Titan when it comes to operating your business and marketing. You will improve your level of fulfillment, improve culture, attract a better tribe and make more money.

Frequently asked questions

The TACTICAL Program is designed to be systematic. If you are constantly reading books and still struggling, this is an opportunity for you to really get clarity from a system that is designed to pull the pieces together in a way that you can really build confidence and feel empowered to be a Tactical Titan.

Is the information available online elsewhere?  Yes, but you'll have to sift pretty hard to find all the pieces.  Unlike the "gurus" that are out there trying to make a fast buck, I am not selling you a single system of attraction.  I am sharing with you a framework that will help you automate and scale a business that will allow you to create a life of fulfillment along with achievement.  I show your business is a vehicle to get to the destination and not an anchor that makes you feel uninspired.

Where focus goes, energy flows. Everything that you have ever achieved in your life is because you made a decision and placed a strong enough emotion behind it. Your brain does not know the difference between fiction and reality. Whatever you tell it, it will believe and find every possible way to prove it.

The data doesn't lie. We've helped businesses from a variety of sectors get clear, be empowered and make a difference in their business.

If you want to live a life of fulfillment and using your business to create abundance for you and your community then yes this will work for you.

The process is about being vulnerable to yourself. The length of time is directly proportional to how open and honest you are with yourself. This course compresses decades of self discovery into days. If you aren't excited to accelerate your business over a few days of work, then you should reconsider if the business is right for you in the first place.

We get it. We were there too at one time. We spent thousands of dollars with other agencies and coaches trying to help us with our business. We quickly realized that there was a gap in the marketplace. We realized that many coaches and agencies focus on specific tactics or coping mechanisms. They are not equipped or setup to create a proper tactical base.  This requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses mindset, systems development, measurement and marketing knowledge. They are specialists in their arena.  Their efficacy is undeniable.  However, because they require a certain amount of information from you the owner, they cannot operate at their peak unless you are clear and concise.  As an owner, you don't know how or what you need to have or know for these agencies and companies to do their best work.

This is where we bridge the gap. We arm you with what your specialists and teams need to translate what is in your head. We support you to create specific, measurable and repeatable process that allows you to grow and scale.

We utilize a variety of mediums such as neuro-linguistic programming, neuro-associative conditioning, development psychology, Lean training, systems development, storytelling and behavioural psychology in our work.  The result is a beautiful blend of systems, accountable methodology and real world tested material. Unlike other coaches, Justin has owned and operated a variety of businesses in 4 different industries. So if it didn't work with someone else before, we can assure you that you will get tremendous value from your session or we'll give you your money back*.

If your brand is solid and properly developed, we can meet you where you are today and help you with the strategies and tactics to propel you forward from both a marketing and business standpoint. Our suggestion is to book an a preliminary assessment by our team before you purchase a product so that we can ensure we meet you where you are at.

If your goal is to take back some time for yourself to enjoy life and to further your impact, we can help.

Coaching is right if you are having issues in any aspect of your business.  A coach helps you at any junction of your business and gives you tools and insights to help you push your boundaries.  Whether it is to understand your numbers, how to structure your business, hiring your first employee or just knowing how to find a customer, coaching is about helping you progress to a new level.

We facilitate you through the thought process to find the solution that works for you.  We help guide your mind so you don't get distracted.  We ask questions to help you get clarity.

There are millions of variables available to us, but it is the proper curation of those variables that helps us go to the next level.

Sessions start with identifying an objective.  I help you clarify your questions and help you explore an answer that is right for you.  We implement suggestions for exercises and strategies with you and then set you on your way.  Each follow up session recaps what you learned, what obstacles you came across and how to overcome them.

This is a great question.  While we believe that brand is the core of a business like a marketing agency, we focus on the owner and the business systems.

Working with a TACTICAL coach helps you sort out immediate fires and prepares you for the many specialists in the business and marketing world.

The ground level work we do is a platform for you to be able to distill your essence, your secret sauce in a specific and measurable way.  Marketing agencies will take this and add to it.  They will put the engine and top on.  We help you build the frame of which the rest of the car sits on.

Our production company Three Sixty Media can help with production but they also work in tandem with agencies to produce the marketing systems.

Our system works to create the foundation and give you a level of clarity about who you are after you strip away the conditioning and fear.  We help you understand fulfillment so that you can build an evergreen company.  We help you create the foundation systems to free up your time in the business so you can work on the business.

Through 1-on-1 coaching, we help position you to know what specialists in the business and marketing world you need to engage in, what to ask and how to ensure that you build an aligned and quality team around you.  Lawyers, Accountants, Recruitment, Marketing Agencies, Copywriters, SEO and Bookeepers all rely on you to give them a base level set of answers.

The problem is most of the time we aren't clear ourselves.  We are so busy with everyday tasks we don't know who we truly are.  We layer in social pressures, things we read from books and our own internal fears.  This mixture often leads to lack lustre results from the business specialists, not because they don't do a good job, but because you were unclear on who you are and what you really wanted.  The disconnect is within yourself and the specialists only amplified it.

Our coaching and educational courses look to bridge that gap.  Get you prepared with truth of your own self so that you can grow and scale with confidence.

The Clarity Module is currently $3500+GST for a single owner.  Multiple owners of a business need to add an additional $700/person.

This module is unique and unlike the others.  This is an open ended module in that there is no defined end date.

There is a good reason for this.  As this is the cornerstone to our entire program, I want to ensure that we do the work right the first time and that you are properly armed with the tools needed for the journey.

I can share that the range of sessions has been between 6-14 sessions.

My main objective is to properly identify the top core values, the audience you will serve as well as the purpose and mission.

Because there is personal development work involved, it can take a little longer for those who have never done it before.

About Us

The TACTICAL Program was created by Justin Lam of Three Sixty Media. While he had the entrepreneurial spirit inside him at an early age (building paper flowers and selling them) it wasn't until 2001 where he was tossed into the world of small business and left to either sink or swim.

The journey was difficult in the early years. The business community during the first decade was not friendly nor really supportive. Justin often struggled to find answers, felt isolated and lonely.

The help economy really didn't occur until the rise of YouTube.  And while there is an abundance of information on the platform today, there still is a missing gap.

Knowing the struggles of learning, failing, succeeding, thriving and scaling allows Justin to share perspective from both a macro and a micro level.

Justin marries the world of self development and business in a way that creates a measurable system that can scale in an organization.  He'll empower you with the knowledge and confidence to engage business and marketing specialists because you will have the framework you need to bolt on the rest of the pieces.

Having worked with small companies as well as global enterprises, Justin takes the marketing knowledge from the production world and marries it with his love of systems, psychology and business.

His philosophy is always to be comprehensive in his approach. He could never really just accept something as truth, he needed to explore and dissect and fully embody each learning.

Today, he gets the opportunity to serve you. To share what he has learned in a methodical way that greatly increases the probability of success. While nobody can guarantee a business will be successful, being armed with the tools to battle the toughest challenges you will face as a business owner will give you a fighting chance.

He feels a great privilege to be part of your journey and to be a part of your success. His goal is to touch millions of people across North America by relieving the stress of entrepreneurs so that they can be contributing members of their communities. Small businesses are the backbone of our society. If they can thrive, they can help with community initiatives and help others level up.

So while many of the millions of people he wants to impact will never be his client, he hopes that everyone he touches can live an extraordinary life filled with love and happiness.

If you are a business owner that is under stress and can't contribute to your community because everything always seems out of control or on fire, then it is our hope that you take part in our program to get out of the chaos and start thriving and show up the way you want to show up for the community around you.

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Awards that Three Sixty Media have received.

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