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Get Problems Solved Faster

Everyone has questions during the course of building their businesses.

The problem is that there is too much information and not enough wisdom.

How do you figure out what is right for you and work through the obstacles and confusion?

  • Working it out in your head often leaves you more confused.
  • Watching YouTube leads you down a rabbit hole and you forget what you wanted to learn in the first place.
  • Books have high level concepts but little to offer in terms of specific advice in your scenario.

Having a coach listen to your concerns and help you find clarity will reduce your stress, improve your focus and make you more money.

If you have a specific problem that is keeping you up at night and need to explore the topic in depth with suggestions and answers specific to your situation then click the button below to book your 1-on-1 coaching session.

How to Work Together



Book and prepay for your session by clicking the button on the page. Provide as much detail about your questions as possible to ensure proper planning of your session. 



Prep for your session by gathering your questions and related information about the issue so we can explore it properly.



Explore your question and options during the session and get actionable steps to take to move forward.

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Justin - Coaching Olympic Village

About Justin Lam

Through a journey of entrepreneurship, Justin has owned and operated a variety of ventures from selling paper roses to running a production agency in Vancouver.

Having built businesses in the days of no Google or Youtube to using these very mediums to grow his businesses now, Justin has an abundance of experience that he now shares with other business owners.

His straight forward approach to business is reflected in not needing to wear a business suit to prove his worth. His roll up the sleeves and put in the work attitude is fitting for any business owner looking to get comprehensive exploration of their problem.

"In business, there is no single answer that works for everyone.  If there was, everyone would be a business owner and everyone would be successful. We are all unique and so the exploration should be reflective as such."

I'm here to declutter your thoughts, prevent you from shiny object syndrome and provide a safe space to explore the questions you have to make decisions on.


  • Creating and Selling Paper Roses
  • Owning and operating an Active Rehab Clinic
  • Marketing Partner for a Pub
  • Partner in a Wellness Spa
  • Car Enthusiast Club Founder
  • Award Winning Production Agency Owner
  • Award Winning Wedding Studio Owner