3 Reasons To Hire A Business Coach

Starting a business is exciting and stressful. In the bootstrap phase all you can think about is sharing what you do with everyone.

There comes a time in your business career where you start to reach the first plateau. After your friends and family help start you off, getting your business in order is really an important priority.

How can getting a business coach at this point be useful for you?

This article explores 3 big reasons to hire a business coach early in your business cycle.

#1: Get Sound Business Fundamentals

So you have discovered you have a viable product or service. Now how do you ensure that you are going to be able to deliver consistently and to prepare for your first brick wall?

Having a coach that has built businesses and brand from the ground up is invaluable. They have the experience to share with you as you grow. They will know how to allocate your money early to get the most bang for your buck.

Most importantly, a great business coach early in your business cycle can help save you a lot of money in terms of marketing and business errors.

It is always better to squash the monster while it's still an egg. By having your business coach setup some key fundamentals with you, you'll be able to make better decisions, articulate your business better to others and improve your sales and marketing.

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#2: Improve your customer experience

Taking orders and fulfilling them seems easy right? When you are working to create an experience that will wow your customers, a business coach can really help make the difference.

From helping you fine tune the way a customer experiences your brand to the way that you can improve your business a coach can help you setup a system that works for you.

Let's face it, when you are busy it's hard to keep an eye on everything. Having a coach be able to help you streamline the process means you can rest assured your business is running well and that red flags show up long before it becomes a raging fire.

#3: Get Clarity About Your Message

Everyday people get bombarded with businesses jockeying for their attention. When you start growing as a business, your products and services start to expand.  This often starts to create confusion for you to market and your customers to understand how you can help solve their problem.

Having a business coach with you as you develop your marketing message and how to deliver it will increase your revenue by helping you focus your attention in the right places to attract your tribe.

Not all systems are created equal.  The problem with many business coaches is that they are working with someone else's system or they don't have a systematic process to help their students.  They are fixing singular problems but not linking them together. Pair that with inexperience in marketing and you get business results that are average.

With the TACTICAL Program, our business coach Justin Lam helps entrepreneurs get clarity about themselves, how they show up in their business and how that business creates a brand.

In a series of modules, Justin guides you through a framework that has allowed him to grow multiple businesses in Vancouver across different industries.

Building a brand and a business is a balance of science and art. From identifying your unique personal values that influences your decision making daily to positioning your business in a way that allows you to separate yourself from the competition, Justin and his business building modules allow you to create a flexible system that helps you attract your tribe of raving fans.

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