Bootstrap to Buttkicking with Clarity

Hybrid Workshop starting January 2023

Clarity Program

Not being able to separate yourself in the marketplace is costing you money.

Feeling like an imposter and not being able to explain how you are different than your competitor is losing you money.

Many business owners don't understand their brand and have trouble attracting amazing clients that appreciate their work.

Get the business foundation that you've been putting off!

In 8 Weeks You Will Learn

  • How to articulate your secret sauce and what separates you in the marketplace.
  • Find hidden internal stories that are holding you back
  • Align your personal and professional values to build momentum in your business
  • Create an easy to remember Vision that inspires people
  • Create a Mission that moves your business forward
  • Develop your company manifesto that guides your company's culture.



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Attend Sessions each week

Attend the guided workshop each week (8 weeks)


Get clear on your business

Learn step by step on how to get aligned and clear about your business.


Review and revisit

Review recorded sessions and refine your work by joining Q&A sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the module?

This module is an 8 week program starting January 9 to March 6th, 2023.

There is a training each week on Monday and an open call each week for the entire program.

Once the program is done, the weekly call will go to once a month.

Is this a live workshop?

Our first cohort is live and the sessions will be recorded for future students to do at their own pace.

What is the Q&A Session about?

Q&A Sessions are optional sessions where you can pop in and ask questions when you are stuck or need elaboration.

These are live and ongoing.  For the first cohort I will be hosting them weekly and then possibly tapering down to once a month unless there is a demand for them.

I've done branding before how is this different?

Traditionally speaking, if you have done branding with an agency they will likely have gone through a bit of this material.  However, they may not have been equipped to help you over common sticking points.

They may ask the questions, but they may not know how to spark you to dive deeper. 

I know that when I tried using an agency, this was a gap I experienced. I don't blame them, they only went with what I felt was right at the time. It took a deeper dive with questions that were outside of their expertise for me to really gain clarity. 

In this workshop I will help guide you through that journey.

Will this work for larger companies?

Yes. I have worked with business owners and marketing teams within a business. 

There is often a gap between the business owner and the marketing team. It is because there is rarely any clarity and guiding documents that help the marketing team do their best work.  They are technicians and can implement things, but they are not mind readers or miracle workers.

Having the key leaders in your organization take this course will help them be more proactive in your business, waste less money and focus on getting better impact for your business.

Can I pay in monthly installments?

No. Like taking an airplane, you pay for the ticket in full before you take off.

That being said, if you do not find value after the first session of the module, I will happily refund you the money. 

What will I learn?
  • Discover how to articulate your secret sauce and what separates you in the marketplace
  • Discover and Explore your internal stories that are hindering your success
  • Align your personal and professional values and purpose to be synergistic
  • Learn how to create a Vision People Remember and are inspired by
  • Learn how to define a Mission that works
  • Create your company manifesto that guides your corporate culture


  • Learn an effective method for planning and monitoring progress
  • Learn how to create an effective hiring process that aligns corporate culture
  • Weekly call where I answer questions and help guide you through the program
Why should I do the live cohort instead of the recorded sessions?

In the live cohort, you will have the opportunity to work directly with me, ask questions in the moment and have opportunities to network with other people.

In the recorded sessions offered later, you will only get to field your questions in the Q&A sessions held each week.

How much does the live cohort cost?

The September cohort is $1299+GST.

Future cohorts will be $999+GST.

How will this impact my business?

This hybrid curriculum is a format derived from my previous 1-on-1 sessions to create a more affordable price point.

The impact of this module to those who have gone through my 1-on-1 sessions include:

  • Finding clarity about their roles and decision making processes in a partnership
  • Finding the courage to niche down their business with better clients and earning more.
  • Understanding how to tell customers why they are different than their competitors in a very saturated market
  • Discover the right mediums to market their business by understanding the impact they wanted to make.
  • Clearing out toxic people in their organization and rebuilding a culture that has yielded less stress and more revenue.
  • Discovering deep rooted stories that caused them to not promote themselves.
  • Realizing that they projected one identity but operated in another. This caused poor customers with skewed expectations.
  • Inspired their marketing team to fully buy into the company and their mission. Made them feel a sense of belonging and understood their role in the process.

So while the benefits are different for every business, what is common is that all of the above points lead to happier owners, more engaged customers, inspired employees and ultimately more money in your pocket.