Get equipped with the right tools to grow your business.

Business coaching that combines practical tactics with real, battle-tested knowledge.

What We Offer

Justin - Coaching Olympic Village

Business Coaching

Do you need a safe space to flesh out your thoughts and find a breakthrough? Our one-on-one coaching sessions focus on your specific needs and support you with the tools and tactics to grow.

Justin - Tactical Modules

Tactical Modules

Designed by Justin Lam, the TACTICAL Program modules are predesigned, focused one-on-one coaching sessions based around the four pillars of our framework – clarity, build, automate, and scale.

Justin - Online Courses

Online Courses

Motivated to become a TACTICAL Titan on your own? Our online courses strategically take you through a framework that will help you make decisions with confidence. These courses are also great preparation for workshops or 1:1 coaching.

Tactical - Notebook and Merch

Workshop Incentives

Do you prefer to learn in an exciting, interactive environment? Level up with real tools and strategies to propel you forward with an immersive experience. Due to COVID-19, no workshops are scheduled at this time, but check back soon for updates!

How It Works

Build, automate, and scale your business with real strategies and tactics to attract and retain your tribe of raving fans. Our TACTICAL coaching program shows you how to build a system that nurtures your tribe, optimizes your workflow, and guides your team to success.

1. Discover the Start

Where are you today? Together with your coach, we’ll identify the health of your business and put out immediate fires first to get you ready to build. Our educational courses will provide you with the tools and tactics for the transformational journey ahead. Being open and honest from the start will help you find the best route to the end!

2. Map Out the Journey

Once the fires are tamed, we’ll work together to create your road map and explore options that make the trip more enjoyable. Like every journey, detours happen, and this road map allows you to explore while staying on track to your destination. Whether it’s through 1:1 coaching or our online courses, we have many program options to make it easy for you.

3. Enjoy the Ride

After learning the strategies, skills and tactics to get to your destination, it’s time to drive. Feel confident in your decision-making with clear direction and knowledge to guide your team to the destination. You’ll finish the program with core fundamental tools, flexible systems, and the confidence to build, automate, and scale with confidence.

Start Your Journey on the Right Foot

The TACTICAL Coaching Program is built around four main pillars to provide you with the right tools and tactics to better impact the communities you serve.

Tactical - Notebook Brainstorming

Find Clarity in your Brand

Define your purpose and identify true values for your business that inspire your team and attract your tribe of raving fans.

Tactical - Build Book

Build a Framework

Create flexible systems that support your customers and maximize the value of your organization.

Tactical - Automate Phone

Implement Automation

Implement people, processes, and technology that frees up your time to start working on (vs. in) your business

Tactical - Coaching Scale

Scale Your Business

Map out a playbook that translates the secret sauce of your business to specialists as you scale and grow.

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