The center of everything you have and don't have is in your psychology


Barring all environmental and political factors, the center of all the things you have and don't have lies in your psychology.

While it is true that even in some of the most troubled areas of the world has emerged greatness, it isn't generally the case.

Why is that?  Why is it that 99% of the population don't achieve greatness like the unicorns of the world?

There are number of factors in play and over the course of time we'll explore some of them.  Today I'll explore the world of our mindset.

Mindset is not just about positive thinking. While there is a component of that, mindset really is about being conscious.

Everyday you enter a routine.  You wake up, brush your teeth, get your coffee, open your emails, rush to work etc etc.

Most of that is autonomous now.  Your brain does it without really paying attention to it.

So what does that mean for the rest of your day?  The honest truth is that we go through much of our day without really being conscious and thinking.

When that happens we fail to see the patterns that we have every single day.  These patterns have gotten us to where we are.  They are rooted deep into our subconscious.

The subconscious brain holds an enormous amount of data that we have accumulated over our existence.  It has stored all the many associations we have of our world and how we experienced them.

When we encounter a problem, our brain quickly indexes previous experiences and tries to navigate us to solve the problem with as little effort as possible.

While it is efficient in the process, it may not necessarily be choosing the best method.  Our brains are energy misers and so using more energy than it needs to requires us to get out of the subconscious mindset and into a conscious space.

When we start to engage our critical thinking areas of our brain we start to truly evaluate our actions and words.

In our course Mind of a Titan I take you through a journey about how our mind functions and how it affects our daily lives.

If you are able to tap into your brain even an extra 1% and be more conscious about your decisions and why they happen you will dramatically change the trajectory of your life and business.

As many books like the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy or Atomic Habits by James Clear indicates a 1% change is not a linear change.  It's compounded on itself because as you change you continue that trajectory of change.  That small adjustment over time will yield a massive shift.

If you are constantly repeating the same problems in your business or your life it is worth looking deeper into your psychology and what is hidden there.

The TACTICAL program aims to help business owners take back control of their lives and to make the shifts needed to build their business in a fulfilled way.

We use a methodical framework that helps you get clear about who you are at this moment, beyond the bullshit answers that your brain puts out as an automatic response.  We help you dig deeper into your psychology, identify your essence and help you infuse that into the commercial aspect of what you do.

Consumers buy from you because the know like and trust you.  As you grow and scale, often times that essence seems to disappear doesn't it?

The reason why is because while you act autonomously, you are an accumulation of your own experiences and beliefs.  Muddled with societal pressures and cultural influences, you are a hot mess of your own design.  Our TACTICAL process helps methodically break that down so we pull out what is truly you and what you truly want to embody.  We give you the confidence to be yourself and to honour every part of you that shows up.

When you create that energy and clarity, you start to make more conscious decisions.  Those decisions build on one another.  We will help you position yourself and your business to hedge against your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

So if you are looking to truly change the course of your business career and want to use a practical, accountable framework to move you forward, I'd love to have you join me.

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